An Action Plan for an Extended Communications Failure

Communication Conditions

Situation Imminent.


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ComCon 2: Situation Imminent.

The alarm has sounded. The storm has you in its cross-hairs. Time to get things hot and begin tracking people and events. The threat may be realized at any moment and small things can make a big difference.

Forward home phone to cell phone.

Not always, but when it seems like it is necessary, then now is the time to do it. Likewise do any other activities that you want in place after the disaster.

Activate/test VOIP Call Groups.

Verify that the Voice Over Internet Protocol systems you anticipate using are properly functioning. Is everybody connected? Call each person and have them return a call.

Locate, distribute & check equipment.

If equipment needs to be distributed, do it now. Be sure it all works and the recipient knows how to use it. Too late for training now but be sure they are OK with the gear.

Track location of all participants.

From now until the event is resolved, everyone must be constantly accounted for. If someone moves then they should advise the group of their actions. If things get bad you need to know where to hunt for someone.

Activate primary and secondary communications systems.

We will discuss primary and secondary systems later. Basically they are what they sound like. The primary is what you will use first. If it should fail, you move to the secondary. We will cover them in detail later. But here is where you begin using them.

These systems should be hot now. Prepare for the failure of the primary. The Secondary should be hot as you may not be aware of the primary failure at a different location. Monitor the secondary and check it occasionally. Plan for the failure of the secondary. Then what?

Activate reliable communications between participants.

The group should be using them to communicate. Keep all advised of any changes to the threat or your planned response to it. Keep everyone current.

In all probability, communications will be the last thing you are worried about. A real and present threat has a way of capturing your attention like nothing else. But you have a plan, and it is now operational. Follow the script but be ready to change as needed.


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