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Tues 8/12/14: Cleaned up lots of link errors.

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I appreciate comments both pro & con. Helps me improve the work. Thanks in advance.

Still looking for 60m skeds. Especially during the day.

Wed 8/8/14 0920z: About the Blog

After living in the dark corners of the net as a mailing list then a blog, GridDownComms finally hits the big time with its own web page. It only took me 7 months from QuartzFest 2014  for me to make it happen.  It is nowhere ready for the general reader because so much needs to be added. However it is now when I need your feedback the most. Please comment on things like type face, page layout etc. so I can change it now before I get hundreds of pages completed. email me

60m Sked?.

I have been working a lot of 60m NVIS and would like to sked with anyone within about 300 or so miles from Ellsworth Maine. We are in the woods downeast (FN54UQ), and that is the nearest city that would show up on a map. I have been getting good contacts in a 300 mile radius. Need people at various ranges withing that circle to test coverage. I should (and it appears I do) have very good signal in the covered area, but I need a lot more at various ranges to test the various NVIS antennas in use.

  I am usually on 60 in the evening around sundown and a bit later. Not every evening though. Lots going on and we have visitors for the next several weeks so it will be hectic. However I really would like to explore coverage issues. Especially if you are using one of the NVIS designed antennas. Actually most hams have their wires so low that they are NVIS on 60m and that would be an interesting aspect to test.

Email me at

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